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Terms and Conditions for service

1. Service
This servise provides engineering calculation support tool, product information, and technical information of our products.
In addition, it is applied to a user ("a user" as follows) of this service, and the user considers this agreement to have agreed to observing the following agreements again.
In addition, this site produces the browser assuming using Microsoft Internet Explorer, and, as for the window size, it may not be displayed 1024x768 normally in the other environment by a standard because I optimize it.

* Microsoft and Microsoft Internet Explorer are the registered trademark in U.S.A. of American Microsoft Corporation and other countries or trademarks.Microsoft Internet Explorer is Microsoft(R) Internet Explorer
2. About a copyright
The copyright of contents (every information including a sentence, the photograph) carrying in this site belongs to Nippon Thompson Co., Ltd. ("us" as follows); by the all Copyright Act is under the protection.
 Across the range accepted explicitly by personal use, other laws, it is prohibited that use (a reproduction, change, upload, a notice, the transmission, distribution, sale, publication) does these information unless ob
3. About immunity from responsibility
We evade responsibility about any damage of the user because of having used this service, or been out of service.
Moreover, these calculation results are estimation based on using condition. Please use for reference only. The contents (every information including a sentence, a photograph, the support tool) carrying in this site are produced to ensure accuracy, but may have a misprint and an incorrect description. About the obstacle due to a bug/malfunction,
4. The handling of the personal information
The personal information (a full name, an address, the date of birth) known from a user may also be passed on to third parties for advertisement and/or marketing and opinion research purposes.
5. The handling of User ID
 When the user is judged not being suitable on the occasion of the use of this site, the user ID to publish in this site may limit the use of this site. In addition, the user ID that is not used may delete registration information and user ID for
6. About a governing law
 About every matter about the use of this website, laws and ordinances of Japan are applied.
7. Others
 We shall be able to change it of this agreement without a notice. The contents after the change are applied promptly since this agreement is changed, and it was printed in the web page where this service is offered to.