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Product No.Shaft diameterDetailed drawingremark
RNAST5R7rnast5r.dxfCrowned outer ring
RNAST57rnast5.dxfCylindrical outer ring
RNAST6R10rnast6r.dxfCrowned outer ring
RNAST610rnast6.dxfCylindrical outer ring
RNAST8R12rnast8r.dxfCrowned outer ring
RNAST812rnast8.dxfCylindrical outer ring
RNAST10R14rnast10r.dxfCrowned outer ring
RNAST1014rnast10.dxfCylindrical outer ring
RNAST12R15rnast12r.dxfCrowned outer ring
RNAST1216rnast12.dxfCylindrical outer ring
RNAST15R20rnast15r.dxfCrowned outer ring
RNAST1520rnast15.dxfCylindrical outer ring
RNAST17R22rnast17r.dxfCrowned outer ring
RNAST1722rnast17.dxfCylindrical outer ring
RNAST20R25rnast20r.dxfCrowned outer ring
RNAST2025rnast20.dxfCylindrical outer ring
RNAST25R30rnast25r.dxfCrowned outer ring
RNAST2530rnast25.dxfCylindrical outer ring
RNAST30R38rnast30r.dxfCrowned outer ring
RNAST3038rnast30.dxfCylindrical outer ring
Records 1-20 of 254
1 2 3 4 5 6