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Shape of stud head

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Product No.Stud diameterDetailed drawingremark
CFE6B6cfe6b.dxfCylindrical outer ring
CFE6BR6cfe6br.dxfCrowned outer ring
CFE6BUU6cfe6buu.dxfCylindrical outer ring
CFE6BUUR6cfe6buur.dxfCrowned outer ring
CFE6VB6cfe6vb.dxfCylindrical outer ring
CFE6VBR6cfe6vbr.dxfCrowned outer ring
CFE6VBUU6cfe6vbuu.dxfCylindrical outer ring
CFE6VBUUR6cfe6vbuur.dxfCrowned outer ring
CFE8B8cfe8b.dxfCylindrical outer ring
CFE8BR8cfe8br.dxfCrowned outer ring
CFE8BUU8cfe8buu.dxfCylindrical outer ring
CFE8BUUR8cfe8buur.dxfCrowned outer ring
CFE8VB8cfe8vb.dxfCylindrical outer ring
CFE8VBR8cfe8vbr.dxfCrowned outer ring
CFE8VBUU8cfe8vbuu.dxfCylindrical outer ring
CFE8VBUUR8cfe8vbuur.dxfCrowned outer ring
CFE10B10cfe10b.dxfCylindrical outer ring
CFE10BR10cfe10br.dxfCrowned outer ring
CFE10BUU10cfe10buu.dxfCylindrical outer ring
CFE10BUUR10cfe10buur.dxfCrowned outer ring
Records 1-20 of 120
1 2 3 4 5 6