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Type of product
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Shape of stud head

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Product No.Outside dia. of outer ringDetailed drawingremark
CFKRE2222CFKRE22.dxfCylindrical outer ring
CFKRE22R22CFKRE22R.dxfCrowned outer ring
CFKRE22UU22CFKRE22UU.dxfCylindrical outer ring
CFKRE22UUR22CFKRE22UUR.dxfCrowned outer ring
CFKRE22V22CFKRE22V.dxfCylindrical outer ring
CFKRE22VR22CFKRE22VR.dxfCrowned outer ring
CFKRE22VUU22CFKRE22VUU.dxfCylindrical outer ring
CFKRE22VUUR22CFKRE22VUUR.dxfCrowned outer ring
CFKRE2626CFKRE26.dxfCylindrical outer ring
CFKRE26R26CFKRE26R.dxfCrowned outer ring
CFKRE26UU26CFKRE26UU.dxfCylindrical outer ring
CFKRE26UUR26CFKRE26UUR.dxfCrowned outer ring
CFKRE26V26CFKRE26V.dxfCylindrical outer ring
CFKRE26VR26CFKRE26VR.dxfCrowned outer ring
CFKRE26VUU26CFKRE26VUU.dxfCylindrical outer ring
CFKRE26VUUR26CFKRE26VUUR.dxfCrowned outer ring
CFKRE3030CFKRE30.dxfCylindrical outer ring
CFKRE30R30CFKRE30R.dxfCrowned outer ring
CFKRE30UU30CFKRE30UU.dxfCylindrical outer ring
CFKRE30UUR30CFKRE30UUR.dxfCrowned outer ring
Records 1-20 of 104
1 2 3 4 5 6